A great way to Support Kidney Function with this Great Tasting Tea
I have been working really hard lately on boosting my body's nutrition value.

I have had trouble with my kidneys since I was in my early 20s and developed a kidney stone that would not pass. Because I was so young (23) it took the doctors more than 4 ER visits before they figured out what was wrong with me, and by that time, the damage had already been done in scarring to my kidney.

Its something I have lived with now for almost 20 years, and I am always looking for ways to help them function better for overall health. SO finding something easy to make in my heavy duty blender AND that's delicious, is awesome.

For quite some time I have been dealing with  an unknown auto-immune issue that has literally, in many ways, caused great havoc on my life. It has caused me to stop traveling, it has caused me to eliminate entire food groups from my diet.
It has caused me to change, in every possible way, how  I function from day to day.

And one of the things I have found that really helps came from a suggestion of a friend who is working with me on nutrition.
She gave me this recipe, and I found it really does help boost the body's ability to get rid of (flush) crud out of the body at a faster rate...and its pretty delicious as well.

I drink about half a gallon a day along with a lot water and other liquids. It makes a concentrate of sorts, and then I just dump into a gallon jug and top off with filtered water from my Berkey.

Super easy, delicious, and very good for your body and cleansing.



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  1. Can you please explain how to make this delicious drink. Its a tea or it’s like a detox water. Did you boiled or blended. 🤔 thank you.

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