Our Next two events!

Our Next two events!

We have 2 amazing events going live these next two weeks, where everyone is welcome to attend from home and get your learning on!

June 22nd--"Top 10 Essential Oils every home should have...and how to use them." 


This awesome class is web-based,  meaning you can attend from the comfort of your home as I present the top 10 oils used in homes in the United States, and what they are used for. The class contains suggestions for combining and using the oils in different ways, and like allllll our fun classes...ends with a giveaway of a free oil.

 There is no fee for attending, and we have a question/answer time at the end, or, the ability for attendees to ask questions privately during the chat if they need it. Once the class ends you will also have an opportunity to request a personal time with the teacher to discuss needs and have questions answered if you want.

Class is not recorded and we have a limit on attendees, so be sure to set your alarm on your phone when the reminder is emailed to you!

Get your free ticket here _______________________

And then June 29th--" The HEALTHY home---fun and easy ways to swap out the toxic cleaners in your home for plant-based ones that are effective and awesome!"


One of our most popular classes, we challenge the idea that harsh chemicals are needed to completely and effectively clean a home...and in a fun, fast-paced environment, show you how to SWAP the crud stuff for a few simple solutions that work BETTER and are BETTER for you!

From our favorite cleaning recipes using plant-based products and essential oils...to picking 5 class attendees to get a FREE bottle of all purpose cleaner as part of the fun...you will never look at the cleaning aisle at the big box stores the same ever again!

Class is not recorded and we have a limit on attendees, so  be sure to set your alarm on your phone when the reminder is emailed out to you!

Get your free ticket here_________________

Hope to see you there as we saunter our way through the summer months, soaking up the  blessed sunshine!

Blessings to you,
Heather and family

TWO awesome ideas for keeping healthy hair during long summer days!

TWO awesome ideas for keeping healthy hair during long summer days!

We have 2 awesome recipes for you that are favorites around our house with 4 girls who are outside in the sun  all day long!

Our recipe for Soft summer hair care is waiting for you...you don't have to sacrifice lovely, soft and silky strands of hair for time in the sun! Adding a few ingredients and some nourishing essential oils together can make your summer hair even more amazing!

Idea number one is a proactive step you can do every time you shower!!!!

and Idea Number TWO is what we do as a girl pack around here....we help each other apply it, wrap our heads, and throw in a girl movie while the man of the house is out doing..........whatever guys do. *wink.

Your head feels amazing afterwards...and your hair will be soft and moisturized throughout the next couple weeks!!! Our curly girls love to do theirs with avocado oil...their hair is super soft and falls into ringlets afterwards!!!

Let us know what you think!!!

Heather and her girls 

Our Top 10 Oils for the Summer and How to use them!!!

Our Top 10 Oils for the Summer and How to use them!!!

It is sure hard to  narrow it down to 10 oils...but these are the ones we go through the quickest during the summer! Be sure you have plenty of carrier oil on hand (we love grapeseed as it is light and soothes skin without a heavy feeling)...and it is always good to start the summer with a new set of roll on bottles and spray bottles so you are ready to go if a need arises!

Here are our top 10 for Summer and how to use them!

(1) Lavender--- For bumps, lumps, bangs and scrapes you simply can not be without this amazing oil. It covers 40 different uses, and is the first oil we grab with any issue. We went ahead and just put a roller attachment straight onto the bottle, and move it to the next bottle when it is empty.  We put the empty bottles into a mason jar filled with epsom salt for long soaks in a warm tub for anyone who has spent  a little too much time in the sun, or who had a rough physical day and whose body just needs to relax before bedtime.

(2) Peppermint---not only gives a cooling sensation to stressed skin...works awesome at keeping little ants and such out of the picnic basket!

(3)Roman Chamomile---fabulous skin oil that moisturizes and protects. Combine it with (4) Frankincense in a roller with a rich carrier oil like avocado oil and get an instant face lift overnight!

(5)Citronella---don't use those nasty toxic chemical candles to keep your deck free of pests....use this in a Spray bottle with peppermint and witch hazel or vodka for an instant skin spray!

(6) Stress Away---summer can get crazy and hectic if you have kids and they have summer activities. Combine multiple activities for multiple kids and it seems summer is busier than the school year! Putting this in a roller and slathering it on the entire grouping of kidlets and parents makes for a happier, stress-free summer!

(7)Lemon and (8) Grapefruit Vitality are literally MADE for adding to your water for a refreshing, lovely push to get more fluid into you and those kids. Be sure to use stainless steel or glass water bottles as many studies are starting to show plastic water bottles leak compounds into the water when we use them!

(9)Lime Vitality is one of those oils I carry in my purse because it just makes everything taste better! From brightening up a drink, to flavoring salsa and guacamole....to even deliciously spicing up vanilla ice cream...I''m a forever fan. And seriously...lime on white fish? Please!!!

(10)Peace and Calming is a fabulous oil for helping everyone settle down after a long day running around...we love to put it into our diffuser and run around bed time for about 20 minutes. Our teenager actually puts it on her wrists and back of neck to help her fall asleep on really long days after gardening and work!

There are SO MANY others that we keep on hand and use...as well as the OTC products Young Living offers, such as pain cream, plant-based sunscreen and the bug repellent (click here if you would like a sample of this). We use their lavaderm spray for when the girls wipe out on their bikes, and the After Sun Spray for the times we spend a little too much time in the sun. 

We have a couple events every month, and would encourage you to check them out if you want to learn more!

Have a fabulous summer!!
The Esteys


Our Family Favorites for the Summer Ahead!

Our Family Favorites for the Summer Ahead!

Let's face it.....EVERYONE has an opinion in this family.....

We just can't seem to help it.

So in true Estey Family style, I am sharing EACH one of our opinons of what is the very best products to keep on hand for summer.

Let's start with Kurt....
He votes for Nitro tubes, because they keep his energy up during the months of the year that his meat market can run through over 400 lbs of brats every single week...which keeps his hands and feet busy running around making them.

Annalise absolutely loves how the Charcoal Bar Soap, Patchouli and Orange Blossom face wash keep her skin fresh and hydrated, but also blemish free. This is a huge thing, she says, when you are out in the sun all the time and don't want to wear heavy concealing makeup for the summer days.

Sophia is a big big fan of the brand new Sunscreen that young living came out with last year, because she is "ALWAYS OUTSIDE, MOM!" and that means a little healthy, non-toxic sun protection goes a long long ways for the summer when you have a tornado on a bike tearing up and down the block for hours a day. As her mom I would also like to add we used it ALL SUMMER last year...on 2-4 people daily, and we still have 1/3 of the bottle left. A little really goes a long way with this stuff.
(If you want a less than 50 spf we have that too. :D )

Clara is a big fan of the Insect Repellent, and NOT big fan of all the bugs that seem to swarm her and love to eat her when she goes out without this lightly sprayed on. Hopefully you got a chance to read about this and our recipe for homemade stuff in  the May newsletter! Anyhow...again a little goes a long way, and when you put it in a cool aeresol spray bottle like the one linked in the post from Amazon....it goes even further.
She also said she loves lavender because of when she wipes out on her bike....isnt it funny how the baby always seems to sneak in more than everyone else in the family?? 

For me...two things. I mean, I write this so I am taking control here.
I love this amazing recipe for silky smooth, moisturized skin.....
and I am in LOVE with this amazing hair oil for smoothing out stressed out hair that has seen a little too much sun....
Best part is...it is so moisturizing it can be used for a light tanning oil....it can moisturize your face....it can be used for a shaving oil....the possibilities are truly endless and we are still finding ways to use.

So if you want gorgeous hair, grab some. As all the things YL makes...a little goes a long long way. :D

Those are OUR favorite picks for this summer. Do you have some?
If you would like to know how to order, just head over to the tab that says "Place and Order" and it will walk you through the process!

How our Family Successfully Avoids Bug Bites during the warm months!

How our Family Successfully Avoids Bug Bites during the warm months!

Isn't this awesome? You can find these amazing bottles, for not very  much, right here...

You can just use the already ready-to-use Insect Repellent that Young Living makes, pour it into the bottle and peel/slap the bottle label on there so you know what it is!!!
(You can find the link for the insect repellent to order at the bottom of the blog post!!!)

We also love to make our own recipe and just use a small spray bottle that gets tucked into the beach bag, or into the car so we can  always have it just a few inches away if we decide to stop somewhere we know there are bugs we don't want bites from!

If you are interested in trying out a sample of the Insect Repellent from Young Living, please go here and fill this out...I will be contacting you for a mailing address so I can send some to you!
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