Are you struggling with the Pollen Apocalypse? Here is our Success story!

Are you struggling with the Pollen Apocalypse? Here is our Success story!
As I scroll through my social media I am shocked (and sad)  at the number of people really struggling this year with seasonal allergies, so I wanted to take some time to tell our story of success using a couple different products that have been a huge help for some of our family members! 
Spring has just sprung up here on the prairies of MN, so I want to make sure we are well prepared for that eventuality!

Did you know there is an amazing combination that really can help with those days where pollen overload is a miserable reality? 

One of our little girls has really been struggling the last couple years, and when we found this, we were THRILLED to see it work quickly for her! Take Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint and Fennel, and add 5 drops each to a 10 ml roll on, the top with your favorite carrier oil such as grapeseed or almond oil.

When we put it on her we use it on the earlobes (weird right?? But it works!), her chest and neck, and have her cup her hands and breathe it in.  I am always happy when she starts to immediately feel relief and her eyes and breathing clear up!

But really, that's just the first step. While we use that for daily maintenance, we also have a couple other tricks up our sleeves!

What if you don't have all those oils?

I get that it may have been a while since you ordered. No worries. We have a super simple step that we take as well.

For me a simple swipe of Lavender inside my cheek sure help a LOT...not the best taste but straight into the blood stream through the cheek and even if you put it under your tongue! Be very VERY sure your lavender is Young Living and can be used internally if you choose this MANY nasty fake oil brands masquerading as the real thing out there right now... :(

When days are super rough, we add in some Sulferzyme powder to a simple smoothie, because its ability to help her little body deal with inflammation has been huge.

Even little ones who struggle can suck down a small amount of a smoothie knowing it might help. We are a dairy free, gluten free family, so we just combine a banana, 1 cup of almond or coconut milk, 1 tsp of the Sulferzyme powder, and a little drop of Lavender Vitality oil. Delicious and a good snack that supports the immune system as well!

Finally, we also break out the Breathe Again roller, and use it on her chest. We jokingly call that bringing out the big guns...and see her experience  immediate relief.

What is amazing is how this works well for ALL of us, not just Sophia!

Want to try some? We have 5 sample rollers ready to run out the door to folks who need it, so you can try it and see if the same combinations are helpful to you! You would get a small sample of the Sulferzyme powder, and a mini-roller of the allergy blend our whole family uses!  We will also then be following up with you to see if you need some extra help and tweaking! Click here if you would like to try some and see if the combination will help you or your loved ones!!

Did you also know we have a TON of classes available to you that are free of charge and do on your own time? Yep...we believe in helping others through education, and are adding more every week. You can check out this month's selection right here:

As always, we are here to help you if you have any questions! 
We would love to hear your stories of what you have used to overcome issues that crop up this time of year!!!


10 Ways to use Essential Oils in your Home!

10 Ways to use Essential Oils in your Home!
Let's take the HARD out of how to learn to start a healthy lifestyle, and lets begin with a simple video class on how to use some of my favorites around my home!

Smart Salve Making...with a couple different variations..

Smart Salve Making...with a couple different variations..
After roll-ons....this is my next love with essential oils.

So easy to  make...and so easy to keep around.

Because many oils are meant to be used topically and can really work awesome in a salve type of combination.

Here is our simple recipe. Keep scrolling for essential oil combinations for all sorts of options.

Let's Talk SWAP...(dryer sheets)

Let's Talk SWAP...(dryer sheets)
Basic understanding of how Dryer sheets work? 
Those boxes of prettiness contain demonic sheets of destruction coated with chemicals that DON'T RUB OFF until your skin absorbs it from the clothing while wearing.
As in...wash it quite a few times and STILL be rubbing off on your skin.
Let's talk about some alternatives...m'kay?

Helping your child concentrate with Essential Oils....

Helping your child concentrate with Essential Oils....
Fifteen minutes to table time, I put this in the diffuser,
 then sit back and watch the magic happen.
Its a beautiful thing...

Parents...we have your back.
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