Helping your child concentrate with Essential Oils....

Good morning to you! 
If you are a home school mamma,  or a mamma whose kids come home from public school and struggle to finish homework
then this post is for you!

 Kids everywhere need down time after school to rest their brains, but with the amount of homework being sent home, or the work they have to focus on in their books at home while learning, we need to know some tips and tricks with essential oils that will help them learn how to stay focused and get the job done!
As home-schoolers, with three kids learning and expanding their brain at our home each day during the week, we have  had our moments of time when we simply can not get anyone to focus. 

Often this time comes when we have been running around for a busy weekend, or kids are involved in a lot of activities......overly tired and unable to concentrate.
So we throw this in the diffuser, and seriously, its a GAME CHANGER....

I have found that there are quite a few oils that work wonderfully for my family when it comes time for sitting down and focusing on school.
Fifteen minutes to table time, I put this in the diffuser,
 then sit back and watch the magic happen.
Its a beautiful thing.
 If you are a parent looking for some help, we have your back.

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