Three Delicious Fall Diffuser Recipes from Our Family to Yours!

 Three Delicious Fall Diffuser Recipes from Our Family to Yours!

Its that lovely time of year where everyone wants to bake, and walk through crisp leaves, to throw your arms back and breathe in the fresh cooler air....

It is also the time that many folks purchase "fall scented candles and room sprays" I used to....without realizing how by lighting that candle wick, or in freshening up your furniture,  you are exposing your body to some seriously nasty chemicals that can deeply compromise your health!

I mean, you HAVE seen this, right?

Good feelings, gone.
Am I Right?

Today I wanted to post our Three favorite fall scented blends that we diffuse throughout the day here in our home...blends that smells fabulous and homey...blends that have a double effect of not just making a house smell fabulous and fall-ish, but also support your family's health while doing it!

 Skip the candles and their effect on respiratory health. (Click the highlighted link to be taken to the article that highlights just one of the many studies done on this)

Choose delicious...AND healthy. 
Here are 3 of our favorites that go right into the diffuser this time of year.

 Think Orange and Spice...and everything nice. :D

 Spicy Orange Diffuser Blend

Place the drops of oil into the diffuser and fill to marked line with water. This blend smells absolutely fantastic if you let your diffuser run for four hours.

Wanna Make your house smell like you have been baking all day? This one is AWESOME!

Fall Baking Diffuser Combination

This one is best diffused in short bursts, of 30 minutes at a time, then turned off for a couple hours.
Blend three: Crisp Leaves and Pine Boughs...

Crisp Fall Walk Diffuser Blend

This is also a great blend to clean with as the scent of the pine will hang in the air for quite a while after cleaning! I love to add these oils to the pad of  my steam mop and clean away because the house smells SO fresh and reminiscent of Fall when I am done!

Love these oils but don't have them all?  I can help you with that because you can browse my site by clicking here!

Either way, have a wonderful Fall!
~Heather <3