Doing Elderberry Syrup the Naturally  Healthy Mamma way--with Essential Oils!
Every fall, as the leaves begin to lazily drift from the trees, and the colder winds start to blow....
this family gets buy making our annual batch of elderberry syrup.

We make it OUR way though...with lots of elderberry goodness...and lots of essential oil yumminess to help boost its efficacy.

Here is our recipe: we triple this to fill our 3 empty glass honey jars, and keep them in the fridge through the winter months.

For our kids, they get a small tsp a day. For anyone over 12 they get a Tablespoon a day.

You can read more about how effective elderberries are and WHY so many families turn to this instead of many other options during the cold months. Here is just ONE article of many that are available.

This is what our company has to say about the oils we put into our syrup:

Enjoy it. Use it. Support your family's health naturally. <3

Heather <3

For more information you can find each oil sheet here:
Cinnamon Bark Vitality Oil: CLICK HERE
Lemon Vitality Oil:  CLICK HERE
Thieves Vitality Oil: CLICK HERE


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