Frankincense Body Butter--The Ultimate Luxury for Winter Skin...

One of my favorite things to do is to learn how to make my own skin and beauty products. As a sensitive skinned person who lives in the harsh northern climate of South Dakota, finding something gentle enough for even facial skin, and yet rich enough to provide a barrier to the winter elements is a challenge.

However, after a little experimentation, we created this amazingly light, rich recipe for all four girls in our home.

My twins have skin that is easily dried out as well during the winter, and this has been amazing not only to keep their skin soft and supple, but also to even use on their super curly hair, and it just soaks in!

Love it when you find a multi-tasking item, or recipe, right?

If you have a stand mixer, this recipe is a piece of cake.

I chose Frankincense as our oil of choice because of its long amazing history of being used for skin support and all over body support! Frankincense is like the shape changer of all the oils---out of 9 body systems, there is not a single system that Frankincense Vitality does not support or help the body's innate ability to regeneratel!

So next time you are looking for a simple, rich and luxurious body butter to keep your skin lovely through even the harshest temperatures and winds, use this. Your skin will love you for it. ;)

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