This amazing bundle combines our family's favorite items, from the Lucia diffuser...
 to the Golden Touch Kit we purchase every fall...
 to adding in an extra Thieves Esssential Oil Blend!

Why consider this bundle option? 
Because the Golden Touch Kit is ESPECIALLY formulated with 7 oils that are geared at supporting simple wellness for a family. 

Oils included are:
1. Melrose (ear and throat discomfort)

2. Raven (breathing support, fabulous in diffuser)

3. R.C. (breathing support, fabulous when applied topically to chest and feet)

4. DiGize Vitality (digestive issues)

5, EndoFlex (endocrine and helps support detox during illness)

6. Juvaflex (excellent for Liver support before, during and after illness)

7. Thieves Vitality (supports whole body wellness)

The  15ml Standard Label Thieves Oil (Diffuse or add to coconut oil for feet, chest, etc) puts you on the Subscribe and Save plan, which immediately earns you 10% points back to use for more free items. This also sets you up to be able to add any oils you need to replace at a higher discount.  Its a great deal! 

Don't like the diffuser? Just browse through items and choose a different one before you check out! This bundle completely equips you and your loved ones for a solid health and wellness plan for every age, and every way of using essential oils!

Retail Price: 258.50

YOUR price is: 196.25 (save over $60!)

Bonuses with this package are: FREE shipping, locking in the 24% customer discount for a full 12 months, qualifies you for one or more promos with purchase levels (items vary by month). You will also receive a bundle of rollers, capsules and a spray bottle from me with your welcome gift package!