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Our fabulous 101 class can be accessed via TEXTING the keyphrase LearnAboutOils
to 507-200-3150!

Anger. Grief. Stress. Worry. Fear. Let's talk about how Essential Oils can help you in a powerful and lasting way. (releasing May 1st!)

So many lovely combinations, and you get one new one every day to try!
Brand new LIVE video class coming soon! Are you over the age of 50 and want to know what will help? Watch for the release!
Because Kids move fast...and need oils...and so do the parents who keep up with them!
Our Simple and Sweet 5 day mini-series for how to use oils during Challenging times in School and at home!


SO many things factor into keeping your family healthy for most of the time! Come join this sweet and simple walk through what changed things for us!
(launching June 1st!)

Want to go through our amazing beginners class for understanding and using Essential oils...but don't want to do it via text? How about one thing a day for 6 days?
Then this class is for you!

OH my GOODNESS. We made it EASY for you to use our 10 DIY Essential Oils HOME HACKS for getting a clean healthy home in record time. This is a great class!

 COMING IN  May 2019!!!!
We have so many fabulous classes in the works, and this is just a taste!
Be sure to check back with us!

Let's talk about what products beyond oils help with what issues, as I share with your my favorites from Young Living and elsewhere....
(coming in June 2019)

If you are a caretaker, or just someone who wants to know how to improve quality of life, memory, stress levels, and other challenges for loved ones over 60....this class is for you!
Coming in May 2019!

Hello, Mom of TWINS here. Let me tell you, there ARE WAYS, SAFE ,TRIED ,AND TRUE ways to help your littlest Littles using Essential Oils. 
(Coming in June 2019!)