Our Healthy Happy Home Basic Bundle is filled with our exclusive Thieves Caddy to hold your cleaning products, cleaning bottle, four oils, and more. 

Oils included are: 
1. Thieves essential oil blend
2. Purification essential oil blend
3. Citrus Fresh essential oil blend
4. Lemon essential oil
5. Pine essential oil

We added Thieves Laundry Detergent, and our popular Thieves Dish Soap to the bundle to round out all the necessary products to start switching your home to less toxic products! Its a great place to begin for the average family!

Retail cost is: $168.75
YOUR price is: $128.25 (save over $40!)

 And what are your bonuses with this bundle? 
Free Shipping comes with this bundle, as well as a free silicone spray bottle sleeve from me for your cleaner! I also tuck in some fun cleaning DIY recipes into your welcome gift package!