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Welcome to my Blog and Website!


Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

Whether you found me by a business card, a conversation we had, or simply a link, I wanted to welcome you to our "happy place"...the place where you can learn MORE about our crazy fun family, the Young Living products we use, participate in classes we teach, or even read my blog posts!

I have become a "Mom on a mission" since my oldest daughter struggled with maintaining basic immune health years ago, and we began using MANY natural alternatives to support her in every possible way. It has been a long journey, one with lots of learning curves, amazing friends who have been made along the way, and above all, incredible success we never thought was possible...our child going from a literal "child in a bubble" to living a normal life due to non-toxic living!

SEVEN AMAZING years later after using Young Living products as our first go-to, we are blessed to see our oldest child (and our Littles) doing better and better every day. And THAT is why we share our story all over the nation...because if we can speak to the heart of ONE MORE SET OF PARENTS where we WERE a few years ago...then we have succeeded in helping someone else out. 

Take a few moments and listen to our short  and sweet video we made just for you. <3

It was one of those experiences that I just can not keep silent about, and my mission became to tell other parents about our story.

My sweet spot in life has to become a mom who ENCOURAGES, EDUCATES and EMPOWERS other families to start in the right direction . I love what I do, and I am passionate about making sure other people can have the same opportunity we did.

I f you are here, you are in the right place. All the rhyme, all the reason, no coincidence.
Let me encourage you to head over to the blog portion of this site and read about our family, the things I teach on using Essential oils and Essential oil infused products straight from Young Living:
...or check out our site where you can browse and order that specific oil you know you want.

One of my other hats I proudly wear is being  blessed to be the leader to a dynamic and education-focused team called the SHINE team! Over 500 people strong, we host weekly online classes available to anyone on or off Facebook, have tons of available static education campaigns, text programs on various subjects, run our own Youtube channel, and have fun doing all of it together! What does all that jazz mean? It means we are all over the world, you can join us in your favorite PJ's, and learn right along with us on absolutely everything...right from here. :D

When you purchase a single oil, read a blog post, or become a member like so many of us, you don't just get those few things.

You. Get. Me. 

And believe me, I will be passionate about helping you discover what you need, how to use it, and how to help yourself and your family.

May you enjoy browsing through the many facets of this site, and feel free to message me with questions!

Our motto is: Educate. Encourage. and Empower.....let us do that with you as well. :D

Blessings to you and yours

~Heather Estey and Family

Gold SHINE team leader with Young Living Essential Oils

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